Flex-A-Bed Infinity Beds

3 Motor Hospital Infinity Bed Flexabedflexabed electric 3 motor infinity beds  

Flex-A-Bed  Infinity Beds are also available for people who would like the WHOLE Bed to go up and down (not just the back, and the legs) .  The FlexABed that looks exactly like a regular bed, but has a 3rd motor that makes the whole bed go up and down, making it a fully electric hi-low adjustable bed.  Flex-A-Bed Infinity Beds come in all sizes. Flex-A-Beds are available in all sizes with our best selection of Adjustable Bed Mattresses.

Flexa-Bed High-Low Adjustable Bed

The ONLY 3-Motor Adjustable Bed that does NOT look like a Hospital Bed.  If you are in the market for a beautiful looking bed that does not look like a Hospital bed; BUT works like one, please call 800-551-2010

flexa-bedFlexa-Bed Hi-Low Infinity Beds

The Flexa-Bed Hi-Low is the ideal bed for those in home healthcare, or assisted living environments. In fact, no adjustable bed is more convenient than the Hi-Low model. The base can be raised and lowered vertically with a touch of a button — making the Flexa-Bed Hi-Low model ideal for customers who require additional assistance when entering or exiting the bed; or under nurses or caregiver's care when optimum height is important; or when transferring to wheelchair and the right height is very important. 

Every Flexa-Bed Hi-Low Adjustable Bed Model comes with

The Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low comes with a five-year

The Flexa-Bed Hi-Low Infinity model is available in twin, full, queen, and dual king in 74, 80 and 84 inch lengths.

The height of the Flexa-Bed Hi-Low Infinity model comes standard at 26 inches and can be raised with the hand control to a height of 33 inches. For customers requiring a lower height, the casters can be removed allowing the bed to be adjusted from 24 to 31 inches. Our optional low profile mattress further reduces the minimum height to 21 inches with or 19 inches without casters.

fully electrical hi lo flexa-bed hospital bedsYou can also match a Hi-Lo Flexa-Bed with a standard 2-motor Flex-A-Bed, for a beautiful Dual King.

hi low flexa bed We are authorized dealers of Flexa-Bed.  Select a Latexpedic Latex Foam Mattress with your Flexa-Bed and take a health break.  Available in Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.

 We are authorized Dealers of Flexa-Bed.  Choose a LatexPEDIC® Organic Natural Comfort Latex Foam Mattress with your Flexa-Bed Infinity Bed, and take a health break.

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